Google’s Android outsells Apple’s iPhone

NPR reported yesterday that sales of Google’s Andriod-based smart phones outsold sales of Apple’s iPhone for the first quarter of 2010.

I love my iPod touch. I am green with envy every time I see somebody using an iPad. However, treatment in the current market, I’ll never be an iPhone owner, and I doubt I’ll be getting an iPad. (Though, dear, father’s day and my birthday are happening in the same week, next month…) I don’t want a phone from AT&T, and frankly, I’m kind of annoyed at Apple over the whole Adobe Flash support issue.

I’m glad to see Android gaining market share. Products are improved through competition. As competitors like Andorid and Blackberry increase market share, Apple will have to adjust if they are to continue competing. Maybe they will even be forced to rethink their refusal to allow Adobe Flash on iPhone-OS devices. As Android and Blackberry user bases widen, application developers will increase their support for non-iPhone platforms, which will improve the application markets for all devices.

You have to admit, when Apple releases a new device, the world oohs and awes about it, because Apple makes some pretty incredible products. Owning one of those products, especially in the early adoption phase, is something of a status symbol. However, other handheld OS developers are closing the gap between their devices and Apple’s, and there are some really cool products running operating systems like Android. In some cases, Android is already leading the way, forcing Apple to play catch up.

So, as a current iPod touch user, I say “Congratulations Android!” Because my next device may or may not be from Apple. I won’t decide until I see who is willing to give me the features I want from my device and right now, it is pretty hard to say who that will be.

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