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Apple iPad with stylized Canadian Flag

Using my US iPad while traveling in Canada

For a year now I’ve been the proud owner of an Apple iPad. In that year I’ve become addicted to being online. My iPad is a 3G iPad, order and I take it with me practically everywhere including church, work, to visit family, or to do the grocery shopping. About five months ago, I got […]

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Time for a change

Time for a Change

As you can tell, viagra 40mg I’ve decided to change the theme on my blog. I’m still tweaking bits and pieces of it, this web but it was time to take advantage of some of the newer features available in WordPress. My last theme update was back in 2007, cheap and lots has changed in […]

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Advice to novice technical writers

Craig Haiss from HelpScribe published an article yesterday where 11 of the top tech comm bloggers were asked to provide advice to newbie technical writers. I was out of town last week and missed his message, what is ed so I missed my opportunity to contribute, so I decided to do it here. My advice […]

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Among the elite

I’m flattered that I was listed by Mindtouch as one of the Most Influential Technical Communication Bloggers. I think it is really cool to see social media used by people in our profession. I’m also gratified to see two of my work colleagues on the list: Tom Johnson and Ben Minson. It is awesome to work each […]

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