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So, About MadWorld 2017

See that person in the picture? That is me. That is me looking at MadWorld 2017, from outside the fence looking in. I’m devastated to report that I have had to withdraw from presenting at and attending MadWorld 2017. Most of my loyal readers probably already know that I do MadCap consulting and training on the […]

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The perception of our profession

Last week a colleague of mine, Tom Johnson, shared with me an e-mail he received from somebody in our organization. There was to be a large meeting to hash out all the details surrounding a new project. In the message that contained the meeting rationale, the organizer included this gem: I will be getting a […]

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Intellectual Property Responsibilities of Content Developers

As a technical writer, I develop content for the applications I’m supporting. Often that includes designing content, images, and multi-media to provide the best user experience possible. As content developers, however, we have a responsibility (both legal and moral) to ensure that the content we are using is being used properly and legally. We live […]

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