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The link

The other day I was walking through a parking lot and I overheard one side of a phone conversation. The person speaking said, find “I’m the link between the geniuses and the regular people.” The comment floored me, this site because I think that is true about technical writing in general, and about my job […]

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A toast to ACME

Have I told you lately that I love my job? Twice in the last year I’ve been approached by people who wanted me to investigate another work opportunity, stomach and both times I turned the people down before they could get going. There are so many fantastic things about my job, that I can’t imagine […]

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The fire alarm goes off…

Remember the tale of the boy who cried wolf? Quick recap: Shepherd boy who thinks it will be funny to yell out “WOLF” at the top of his lungs to see what kind of reaction he can get from the villagers. As he hoped, drug they come running to defend the sheep. When they find […]

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