Those Pesky Laws of Physics

If I have a hobbyhorse, approved it is precise communication. As a technical communicator, viagra I believe that writers must take care to clearly and accurately portray information. I am highly amused when I come across instances of technical communication where writers have not clearly or accurately conveyed information.

Let me give you an example.

My in-laws, and the Uries, bought a new microwave. By some miraculous bending of the laws of physics, Samsung USA has apparently discovered how to make the inside of a microwave larger than the outside of the microwave. At least, that is how it appears in the technical specifications of their microwave.

Samsung’s model number MD800WC (go to site) features a “revolutionary space saving design”—which is apparent, because the microwave’s interior dimensions are larger than the microwave’s exterior dimensions!

Now, you probably think I’m joking, but check out the Owner’s Manual (page 19). The outside dimensions of the microwave oven are (and I’ll convert the fractions so that you don’t have to):

16”(W) x 12.578”(H) x 17.188”(D).

Now check out the oven capacity dimensions:

16.031”(W) x 12.594”(H) x 17.031”(D).

That is pretty cool. It reminds me of the Flying Ford in the Harry Potter books, that fit the entire Weasley family and all their luggage.

If we could figure out how that technology works, imagine what we could accomplish. I could get a whole watermelon into my lunch bag. I might even get a whole gallon of ice cream to fit into the little ice-box-size freezer our landlord provided for us.

Alas, too bad that many of my exciting ideas for the future come from stupid editing mistakes.

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