Job Perks

I have to say that one of the best parts of having a full time job has to be the vacation/sick/holiday time.

I was sick on Monday and Tuesday of this week, about it and was unable to go to work. However, health I still got paid for Monday and Tuesday. That is really cool. I also got paid for Labor Day, troche and will get paid for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Now I realize that for most people this is not a novel concept. However, when you have worked for (what seemed like) years on end as a part-time student employee, every hour counts towards the paycheck.

This concept became real for me on Wednesday morning when I was to go back to work. Christina asked me what time I would be home. I said, I guess I ought to stay a couple of extra hours to see if I can make up some hours. Then I realized–I don’t have to make up my hours! I can go to work for the rest of the 24 hours this week and not worry about the other 16. Way cool!

Full-time jobs are cool.

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