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On Monday of this week I drove our little red truck (nicknamed Lassie) into work (thanks again Phil and Peggy), viagra 60mg and as I was getting off the freeway I saw a funny sign.

If you get off I-15 at 600 South, ask the first light you come to is at 400 West. It is a one-way road, sildenafil and I want to turn left on 400 West, so I always have to get over into the far left lane (I often think I’m driving in England, except my steering wheel is still on the right (meaning ‘correct’, or left) side). Well, if you look at one of the street signs on your left you will notice something that I found rather interesting. The sign reads “Left turn must turn left.”

Don’t left turns normally turn you left? I mean, when was the last time that you were making a left turn, and actually turned right? It seems somewhat obvious that left turns must turn left.

Hmm… I guess what the sign maker was trying to say was: “Left lane must turn left,” and I guess it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the word “lane” is implied in the sign, i.e. “Left turn lane must turn left.”

I still think it a funny image, to think of somebody dutifully turning left, but actually ending up going right.

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks its funny. Oh well. =Þ

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  1. Paul (this is Dave, I didn’t want to actually sign in. You know, that whole “effort” thing.)

    I have actually driven on a road where a left turn was actually right. If you picture a right angle bending to the left. Now add two diagonal lines coming up and intersecting with the joint of the right angle (too many lefts, too many rights). You get something that looks vaguely like an arrow with two necks of the arrow. Technically speaking, if you wanted to continue on the street you were on, you would turn left onto the street furthest to the right of your three options. It was a retarded street (and to make it worse, it had a stop light. Since the branching arteries were so close together, you couldn’t even tell which street had the green light. You actually had to count the number of semafores and then count the branch of the street you were on… ugh.)

    One more example. Isn’t the carpool exit on 2100 S. (I think that’s what it is) a left turn to go right? You go off the highway on the left side in order to go east (or right).

    Okay, no more retarded examples.



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