Today is a “Monday-Tuesday”. You know those kinds of days? Where you know that the calendar says it is Tuesday, troche but for all intents and purposes it might as well be a Monday? Yep. That’s today.

Last week I was sick, viagra 60mg and was at home for the majority of the week. Rick pointed out to me today that I haven’t really updated my blog since I posted my cruise entry, cialis 40mg so here you go.

I know it isn’t a lot, but hey, it’s something.

So in all my spare time last week, I watched some movies. Here is a movie quote– who can identify it? “Some people read because they cannot think for themselves.” Katrina would probably say that this is worth 20 points… Good luck.

8 responses to ““Monday-Tuesdays””

  1. I think the quote is from “The Italian Job” but if I am wrong, I’ll gladly give up the 20 points. Are the points worth anything to an anonymous person?

  2. Nope. Not Ocean’s 11 (or 12) — and to my knowledge there are no cast crossovers between the movie I’m thinking of and the ones “Anonymous” has mentioned.

    Here are some clues: One actor was in Mission Impossible II. Another actor was in Wayne’s World II. Another actor was in 102 Dalmations. And another actor was in The Witches. (Note that the word actor is gender neutral.)

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