Me? Mistakes? No way!

I never make mistakes. I mean, patient once I thought I made a mistake, pills but I was wrong.

So, I guess there is always a first time for everyting. Never let it be said that I’m too proud to admit I’ve made a mistake.

So today I realized that I’ve been spelling a word wrong since the end of January. I am supposed to be documenting a feature in the software called “Role-based timeouts.” Basically users of the system are assigned various roles (e.g. student, instructor, or administrator) and this property in the system lets users with different roles have different allotted times to be idle in the system before their account is logged out automatically.

Anyway, so for more than a month I’ve been calling this property “Roll-based timeouts.”

It was only today when I was finally writing the documentation that I realized that roll-based timeouts were not the same as role-based timeouts.

I’ve sent e-mails to developers and programmers about this; I’ve kept logs where I’ve written this wrong. I have a folder with the wrong title on it. I have used the wrong word in all communication on this project.

Since we aren’t bakers here, I think that I’m going to have to start calling them role-based. Either that, or I’ll have to start looking for a job as a baker, because I apparently can’t spell well enough to be a technical writer!!


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