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This Morning’s Deseret Morning News included a special section that featured the players from the Utah Jazz basketball organization sponsoring a “No Books” day at school. The section included a number of activities for kids, medical and included educational advice from the players for Utah’s kids.

Problem #1: This is supposed to encourage our children to achieve academic excellence, website yet March 8th is a “No Books” day? How does that work?

Problem # 2: Does anybody realize that the majority of these players are college drop-outs? And we are encouraging our kids to take their educational advice?

Personally, I’d rather my kids got educational advice from the two students who scored “perfect scores” on this year’s ACT test. (Incidentally, one of the students is the son of one of Christina’s German professors at BYU.) I mean, really, who do you want your kids to emulate? Professional whiners (the Jazz can hardly be called “professional basketball players” this season) or educational top achievers?

But what do I know. I’m just a college graduate… Bring on the ACT pros!

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