$90 Cash

I spent quite a while yesterday working on getting a price quote for the Taurus window that was broken at the TRAX station on Monday.

Eventually I found this joint in a — shall we say — less economically advantaged part of town. It was kind of a shady operation, which I didn’t know until I had sent my mom and sister there to drop off the car.

Wendy and Mom dropped the car off in the afternoon, what is ed and the car was done before the end of the day. So I went with my parents to go pick it up.

My parents graciously (very graciously, thanks Mom and Dad) offered to pay for the window. My mom decided that she didn’t want to leave her credit card number or a personal check with with the “so-called” company, so we paid in cash.

I went into the place and talked to the guy behind the counter. He entered the information into the computer, and asked me how much he had quoted me. I told him ninety dollars, and he entered that into the computer. I paid my $90.00 cash, which he put it into his coat pocket and out of the other pocket, he pulled the car keys. It was just weird. Hey, but it was cheap.

I wonder if this guy knows my regular mechanic. Then again, probably not. The window got fixed to quickly.

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