Speaking Technically

I was invited to give a presentation to BYU STC members on getting a job in today’s technical writing workplace. The presentation was yesterday, website and I think it went pretty well. I’ve posted the presentation online at paulpehrson.com/stc if you are interested in taking a look at it.

I hope that some of the students who were there found something useful to them. Dave told me that he thought the part on portfolios was really useful. I’m not sure that in college we emphasize the importance of a good portfolio.

One of the students came up afterwards and said that he was interested in chemistry, viagra order but had never considered that there were technical writers in the pharmaceutical industry, viagra buy and wanted to know what I knew about that. Not much, I told him, but I said he should logon to Techwr-L listserv and ask the writers on that list about technical writing in that industry.

So, in the end, I hope that the students benefited from it. If nothing else, they got pizza and soda. Hopefully, they will eventually be able to provide their own pizza and soda, having gained full-time employment!!

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  1. Schools need to become more accountable to the marketplace, training people in the skills they will need to work. Now that’s a change that would improve education!

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