Welcome to my new home

If you have found this page, information pills then you are aware that I decided to change my blog. I’ve switched from Blogger.com to WordPress, decease which I have installed on my own server. So, if you have my site in your favorites, you should delete the old favorite, and add this site to your favorites now.

When I made the change, I thought I would have both sites running concurrently, while I tweaked this one and got it working like I wanted. However, I think I broke Blogger.com (don’t tell them), and my old site URL lost all if its content (but not before I was able to upload it to this blog–I don’t think we lost anything except some images). So, you get to watch as I update this and get it running like I want. Just be aware that changes may be frequent for the first little while.

So, pardon my dust! Welcome to the new page!

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