Californian Language

I was browsing a website looking for cool plug-ins for the bookclub, and I came across a spell checker. The features of the spell checker include:

Support for over 75 languages!!! Now in the Options menu of the spell checker you can set your default language or dialect. For English, there is even choice of UK, US, and CA! Check the complete list of supported languages.

When I read the quote, in my head I said “For English, there is even the choice of United Kingdom, United States, and California.”

Does California have their own language so they need a separate spell checker? I didn’t think so. It must mean Canada. Duh!


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  1. There is definitely a Californian language. For example, the UK English sentence, “Sir, you are definitely causing me to feel far less enthusiastic about life!” translates into Californian as, “Dude, you are like totally harshing my buzz!”

    However the same sentence translates into Canadian as, “Hey buddy, you’re really bugging me, eh!?”

    As this simple example shows English, Californian and Canadian are very different dialects and each would definitely require its own spell checker. 😉

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