190 % done

Desktop Weather, <a href=generic 190% installed” align=”right”/>I use Desktop Weather from The Weather Channel (website) and today Desktop Weather told me that it wanted me to upgrade to a newer version of the software. Interestingly enough, recipe when I hovered over the icon, the application said that it was “190% installed”.

How is that? 190% installed? Is that technologically possible? Anyway, it totally cracked me up, so I grabbed a screen shot, and decided to upload it here to share.


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  1. We here at The Weather Channel think that 100% just isn’t good enough!

    Oh, well, thanks for pointing out the problem. Email us your address and we’ll send you some The Weather Channel stuff as a thank you for mentioning Desktop Weather in your blog — good or, eh hem, not so good. 😉

    Matt de Ganon
    VP, Consumer Applications

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