Chance Reunion

In a seemingly random event this morning, viagra I ran into my old scoutmaster while waiting for the TRAX train. It seemed even more random because I had been thinking about him earlier this morning while I was getting ready for work!

Brent (or Brother Fillmore as we called him back then) was my deacons quorum advisor/scout leader, this and was a major force behind helping me get my Eagle award. He left his job at Sears and went to work as a seminary teacher, teaching first at Granger High, and then at Cottonwood High (my high school). In fact, I had Brother Fillmore for my seminary teacher during my senior year. Brent later took a job with CES that took him to Virginia. That is where I lost track of him.

Brent is a man that I admire greatly. He is a person of whom I have a lot of respect. Over the last couple of years I’ve wondered how he is doing, and what is going on in his life. But I didn’t know how to get a hold of him, so I just kept wondering.

However, todaywhile I was on the platform at the TRAX station (at about 8:33), I saw a man calling the UTA hotline because the train that was supposed to come at 8:19 never arrived, and the train that was supposed to come at 8:34 hadn’t come by 8:40. The man looked at me, and recognized me. When I heard his voice, I recognized him. It was Brent! He’s back with his family in Utah, and he is still working for CES. We talked the whole way into town, and we traded contact information.

So that is my cool story of the day. I’m excited to be back in contact with the Fillmores! Yay for late TRAX trains*! Bet you never thought you’d hear me say that! 🙂

* If the 8:19 train had come, Brent would have ridden that train, and I would have caught the 8:34 train (that, incidentally, arrived at 8:41).

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