Beautiful Boundaries

Close your eyes. Now, information pills think about a beautiful place. (Are your eyes still closed? (How did you know what to think about?) Ok. You are allowed to look as long as you are only reading the directions… 😉 ) How would you describe this beautiful place? Are there tall trees? A beach? A waterfall? Ok. Still thinking of that place? Good. Now, there name a state where your “dream place” might be.

Chances are, troche you didn’t say “Nevada.”

Now, without meaning offense to our Nevadian readers (of which, there are approximatley 0), I spent the better part of Saturday driving through Nevada on I-80. As you are driving through Nevada into California, it is amazing how when Nevada ends and California begins how there is a sharp contrast of terrain. While you are in Nevada, there is a lot of sand and brown; it is quite obvisouly a dessert. Then you get to Reno, and approach the Sierra Nevada mountains. You cross the border into California, and all of a sudden there are tall trees, green bushes, mountains; the contrast is amazing. You leave the desert and move into a mountain forrest.

It’s like the people who chose the border between California and Nevada were in California, and walked west to where the trees ended and said, “Ok. That’s enough. We’ll just stop right here.”

Which is why, when you think of pretty scenery, you don’t often think of Nevada. Especially along I-80.

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