According to the test I took at tickle.com, check the Star Wars personality I am most like is Yoda. Here is the excerpt from my “results” (which surprise me a lot, viagra buy since I my weapon of choice was a blaster in stead of a light saber (hey, story with a blaster, you can shoot from a distance)):

Paul, you’re Yoda!

You are wise beyond your years — a sage for the ages, the master’s master. That’s why your Star Wars type is Yoda. Sure, you might not look too much like the little green Jedi Master, but you have a quiet contemplative way about you that commands respect.

People trust you, especially your friends who are constantly coming to you for advice and sometimes predictions. While you may not be able to tell them who’s going to win the big game, you do possess the rare ability to see the big picture. You never lose sight of the fact that we’re all part of a greater whole. It keeps you grounded and balanced, and it’s the perfect cover for a mischievous sense of humor that always catches others off-guard. This mix of wisdom and impish delight promises to bring you long life…another thousand years or so anyway.

Classic Star Wars Test

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