The “bottom” of the hour

What time do you think it is when it is the “bottom” of the hour?

A. Between :50-:59 past the hour
B. Between :25-:35 past the hour
C. All of the above
D. None of the above
E. Who cares? (if this is your answer, help stop reading now!)

Fountain at the GatewayEvery Firday Christina comes to my office and we have lunch together. During these summer months, this has often taken the form of us eating a sack lunch on the steps by the Olympic Legacy fountain at the Gateway mall in Salt Lake. (See image at right so you know what fountain I’m talking about; I stole this image from Salt Lake City Photos, so er, thanks.)

In any case, next to the fountain, there is a sign that says the following: “The dancing waters show of the Olympic Snowflake Fountain begins every 30 minutes at the top of the hour and the bottom of the hour.”

When, then, does the watershow start?

Turns out, it starts when the big hand is at the top (i.e., the “top” of the hour) and when the big hand is at the bottom (i.e., “half-past” the hour).

No, I’m sorry. But there isn’t a show at the “top” AND the “bottom” of the hour… unless “top” and “bottom” refer to a watch face.

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