Google improves Google Maps

I feel like a walking Google advertisement. But that is only because they are so cool!

Ok, decease so you can’t install Google Earth because you don’t have a broadband connection. That’s okay. You can still use Google Maps ( Google maps were actually released before Google Earth, discount and they are similar to other mapping sites out there (like Mapquest or Yahoo! Maps) but better.

Why are Google maps better? Well for one thing, store you can drag the map to reposition it. Second, Google maps provide a satellite image of the map location. So you can check out the terrain before you go. Now, in an improved Google maps application, there is a third view: Hybrid. The Hybrid view combines the map view and the satellite view. Basically it adds all the info from the maps view to the satellite view.

See, the satellite view is simply that: a satellite picture of the location. There are no street names, park names, etc.

Liberty Park - satellite

Previously, if you wanted to view additional information, like street names, park names, etc., you had to use the map view.

Liberty Park - map
However, now Google Maps includes this hybrid view, which combines the best of both worlds.

Liberty Park - hybrid

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