Take it easy, for cryin’ out loud!

A couple of weeks ago, erectile Christina and I had gotten off the freeway at 90th South and were approaching State Street to turn left. All the lights our direction were red, visit this site and the cars were lined up about 8-deep waiting for the signal to change. We pulled into the turn lane, and we saw two men in the left lane (to our right) out of their cars. We slowed down to see if there was an accident or something, and as we approached, we saw that they were yelling at each other. There was no car accident, it was simply road rage. One of the men didn’t like what the other had done, and they got into a yelling match, and then they got out of their cars to yell at each other.

I was appalled that these men could totally lose control to the point that they were totally incapable of containing their emotions. The outpouring of rage was paliptable and was disgusting. There is absolutley no excuse for behavior like that.

This morning I read an article on CNN.com (open in new window) in which two men got into an agrument over something that happened while they were driving. The first man drove off, dropped off his wife, and drove back to the scene, found the other man (who was in the process of lifting his baby out of her car seat) and shot him four times, killing him.

We live in a world where popular media encourages violence, but we have to take a stand. Turn off the violent movies. Burn the violent CDs. When you feel rage building up inside you, control it! There is no excuse for allowing yourself to lose control.

The shooter’s license plate was written down by witnesses, and police found him at his home. He has been charged with first degree murder. I hope they put him away for a long time.

Next time you feel like you might lose control of yourself, remember the man in jail, and remember the little girl without a daddy, and let it go.

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  1. On a side note, the third participant in the altercation that happend a couple of weeks ago in Sandy was a lady who was in the middle lane, who rolled down her window and shouted at the two men, “Why can’t you both just be nice!”


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