Weather Channel Delivers

Weather.comYesterday, click FedEX delivered a package to our house. It was from the Weather Channel, remedy and it contained hats and T-shirts for me and Christina. We got all of this for free because Matt de Ganon, the Vice President of Consumer Applications at the Weather Channel read my post about the Weather Channel. (See a list of all Weather Channel related posts here.)

Matt wrote me and got my mailing address, and promised to send us some Weather Channel gear as a thanks for mentioning the Weather Channel here on Technically Speaking. Later, Derek Van Nostran, the Brand Manager for wrote me to let me know that they were in the process of changing their logo, and they wanted to send us gear with the newest logo, so that was what was causing the delay.

So, thanks to Matt and Derek from the Weather Channel and Kudos for a great job and a great computer application.

If you have a broadband connection (or some other “always-on” connection), I recommend you try Desktop Weather. It’s a pretty cool application.

Now I just need to get a picture of Christina and me wearing our new stuff. If I get one, I’ll post it here.

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