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redbox logoA couple of weeks ago we decided to rent the movie _National Treasure_ to watch with my parents. We decided to rent from Redbox a new kiosk-style DVD rental machine located in McDonald’s stores in our area.

Renting from Redbox is easy. You walk up to the ATM-like machine, more about press the “Rent DVD” button, more about pick the DVD you want to rent, buy swipe your credit card, and the movie is dispensed. When you want to return the movie, you go back to ANY Redbox location, press the “Return DVD” button, and enter the DVD in the slot.

There are a couple of unique things about Redbox that I think make it a great contender in the DVD rental market. First, movies are one dollar a night. Period. No late fees or any other fees. The movie is due back in a Redbox location by 10PM the day after you rent the movie. If you have it after 10PM, you just get charged for another night. Once you reach 25 nights, the movie is yours to keep.

Second, you can rent from one Redbox location and return to another Redbox location. Why hasn’t Blockbuster figured this out yet? This is one of my favorite features of the SL County Library System. Now Redbox has it figured out as well. In fact, you can rent from a Redbox in Salt Lake, take the movie on a trip with you, and return it to a Redbox location in Denver. Very slick.

Third, Redbox has a lot of promotional giveaways to try to get you hooked. In the month of October, you can get one free movie rental per credit card each Monday by entering the promotional code MONDAY when you check out. That’s five free rentals in October. Rent the movie anytime on Monday, and return it before 10 PM on Tuesday, and that’s it. No charge.

Then every other day of the week is 2-for-1. You can rent two movies for one dollar! (One free movie per week.) Here’s how it works:

On October 4-9, use promotional code ORANGE.
On October 11-16, use promotional code LEAF.
On October 18-23, use promotional code BASEBALL.
On October 25-30, use promotional code GHOST.

Now I’m pretty sure that the “get-one-free” rentals are only good for the first night, so don’t rent two movies thinking you will get them free for more than one night. The first night you would get charged one dollar for two movies, and the next night you would get charged two dollars.

So far, Redbox has rented more than 3 million DVDs, and they are only in a handful of markets. I can’t wait to see how they expand. Christina thinks they should put Redboxes in airports so all the laptop users could rent in one airport, and return the movie in the next one. I think they should put them along the interstate highways at truck stops. Currently Redbox plans to expand into McDonald’s locations and grocery stores in the current markets. I t will be interesting to see when they pick some different markets (like Northern California; that would be good for us!).

So say goodbye to long membership forms and late fees (even when they don’t call them “late fees” anymore. None of us are really fooled). This company is working hard to make you think “Redbox” when you think “Movie Rental.” It’s working for me.

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  1. I have long wanted to try Redbox, but was worried about the whole idea. It just sounded . . . odd. Different might be a better word and different is sometimes looked down on. Now that I have a testimonial (can I get an AMEN!!!), I think we shall try this out. My only problem is that I will probably end up going through the drive thru as well. I guess I can’t have everything.

    Oh, and Christina’s idea is excellent and should be heavily pursued. I’d rent three or four movies for some of my flights.

  2. I rented a movie for the first time with you on February 15, took it back on the 16 and am being charged $1.09 on the 17th. My concern is the safety of my debit card with you.

  3. Bill,

    I am only a Redbox customer; I have never worked for Redbox, nor do I provide support for them. You will want to contact them via their website if you have concerns.

    That said, I’ll add that I have never had troubles with Redbox misusing my credit/debit card information, and I’ve been a customer for 2.5 years. If you look at your records, you’ll probably note that you were only charged once, the day after you returned your movie. Redbox waits to charge you until you return your movie. If you had kept the movie an extra night, you would still have only seen one charge, and it would be for $2.18.

    The nine cents per day is sales tax; the same tax you’d pay if you rented from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

    If you still have questions, you should contact Redbox as per information on their website,

  4. I rented a movie from Rebox and I was charged 1.00 on the day I rented it and the I was charged 1.07 the next day, but I returned the movie around noon, so it was not late. What is that all about? I am going to call the customer servie about it.

  5. I am also a big fan of redbox. I usually end up seeing everything that is available in there. I’ll try out that Monday promo code. Thanks. Let me know if you come up with any others. Ive been trying to get someone to tell me how to become a distributer for them, but Im not getting anywhere with their website. Any help on that? Thanks again.

    • Cynthia – Sorry this reply is so late; I hope you see it. I believe Redbox is owned by McDonalds corp, so you might be able to get info by contacting McDonalds corporate offices. There are several places that should have redbox, in my opinion, including airport terminals, malls, and large apartment complexes (maybe near the pool or near the office).

  6. Redbox is indeed owned by McDonalds. Last month, a hacker got into their system and stole over 2 million credit card numbers. It has not been released in the news yet and is being covered up.
    I know, I work there. Do not use Redbox if you value your credit!

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