Gravel Pit Update and Correction

Yesterday I blogged about the proposed Quarry Bend development in Sandy. Last night I wanted to verify some of the information I had written, visit this and right now I want to correct some of what I wrote previously. I’ll also update the blog entry, visit web deleting the wrong information and inserting corrected information.

First, information pills yesterday I stated that my parents had received a letter from their state representative. That was not true. The letter was actually from Bryant Anderson, of the Sandy City Council (district number 3) and the letter was titled: “Information and Observations About the Gravel Pit Mixed-Use Project. Mr. Anderson’s election website–which includes more information on this issue–is located here.

In yesterday’s post, I alluded to comments made by Mr. Anderson. I have crossed those out, and have replaced them with an excerpt from Mr. Anderson’s letter, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say.

I also realized, as I drove through the area yesterday, that there are more non-residential areas than I realized yesterday, so I updated the map from yesterday’s post to reflect that information.

Now I’d like to finish this post by explaining why I support the proposed development at Quarry Bend.

  • A development at Quarry Bend will increase tax revenue for the city. With the businesses that are already poised to leave the area, bringing in a Super Wal-mart, a Lowes, and additional retail and restaurant establishments seems to be a wise decision. The city council estimates that the Quarry Bend development will bring in two million dollars a year in tax revenue for the city. That money is needed.
  • The proposed Quarry Bend will include a lot of green space that will provide great benefits to the community. Specifically, the Boyer Company has promised: (a) 8 acres reserved for a city park; (b) Over 4 acres reserved for walking trails; (c)Over 15 acres of landscaping and other open space. This is the best “open space” and/or park project on the table. If you want any kind of a park at the gravel pit site, this is the way to get it.
  • The Boyer Company has also agreed to donate 6.5 acres of space adjacent to the Sandy Amphitheater to supplement parking for that facility. If you have ever driven down 9400 South when there has been an event at the amphitheater, you know how much they need more parking!
  • Quarry Bend has promised to widen the ski connect road (where 9000 South east bound becomes 9400 South) to five lanes, and install a traffic control device at the north entrance to the development. This much-needed road improvement project would be paid for by the developer, saving Sandy taxpayers money.
  • The Sandy City Planning Commission voted 7-0 for the zoning change; the City Council voted 5-2 for the change, and the mayor supports the zoning change. Why? Because they all understand the benefits that this project will bring to the residents of Sandy through better access to shopping, more green space, better access and parking for the amphitheater, and through the increased commercial tax base.

This is why I hope Sandy residents will join my family on November 8th in voting FOR proposition 1. It’s just makes good sense for our community.

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