An unnecessary promise

Loyal readers, order I come to you today to make a(n unnecessary) promise: I vow never to direct a Harry Potter film for Warner Brothers. I’m outraged (outraged! I tell you!) that I was passed over for the first four films, recipe and I’m lashing back by promising never, viagra ever to bow to the Warner Brother’s producers — even if they come begging to my humble duplex door.

This isn’t totally unlike the recent remarks from filmmaker Terry Gilliam, who has made the same promise, for the same reason.

Are you, loyal readers, just as outraged? I mean, who does this guy think he is? Give me a break! I mean, is this a ploy to get sympathy or what? ‘Cauz I’m not feelin’ too bad for him.

And Warner Brothers, if you’re listening, I was just kidding. I’d direct Harry Potter 6 or 7 for as little as $100,000; so if you’re looking to save the money you didn’t spend on Mr. Gilliam, you can give me a call.

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