Canadian Potterites breathe a sigh of relief

Our Canadian Harry Potterites are breathing a sigh of relief today. You may remember that on October 26, help _Technically Speaking_ reported that a band in Canada, ambulance the Wyrd Sisters, was trying to block the release of _Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire_, which is scheduled to be released in the US, UK, and Canada on November 18th.

MTV reports today that an Ontario Superior Court judge dismissed the Wyrd Sister’s motion saying, “I am not satisfied that the fact of three musicians appearing in the film will operate as a deception to the public such as to affect the goodwill that the plaintiffs may have in the term, ‘The Wyrd Sister’ “.

As it turns out, the fictional band’s name, the Wired Sisters, apparently isn’t even mentioned in the film, and they only appear for approximately six seconds.

So to all you Canadian Potterites: see you at the movie(s) on November 18th. I’ll be there. I’m giving up symphony tickets to be there. But I’ll be there.

(FYI, additional reading here.)

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