Election Day

Today is Election Day, try so get out and vote. Two things related to elections today…

Sandy Referendum

I encourage Sandy voters to see through the all the campaign sludge, ed and vote in favor of referendum 1. Sandy voters have to realize that if they vote down referendum 1, sildenafil Wal-Mart will leave Sandy. Lowes will leave Sandy. Sandy will lose between 2 and 5 million dollars annually in tax revenue. If Sandy voters vote down referendum 1, they will be taking money from local firefighters, local police offiers, and local schools.

Chances are good that Sandy will have to raise property taxes to make up the defecit. Vote yes on referendum 1. It is good for you and it is good for your schools.

Ok. Whew. Got that out of the way.

How you know when election day is

I learned something today. I was having a hard time figuring out why we are voting today, which is the second tuesday in November. My calendar on the wall tells me that election day is supposed to be the first Tuesday, and that was my memory of it. Turns out, though, that election day in the US is not the first Tuesday. It is the Tuesday after the first Monday of November.

Since the first Monday in November was yesterday, that makes today election day, even though today is the second Tuesday.

Now you know.


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