Election Results

Yesterday was election day in the United States (it being, as we learned yesterday, the Tuesday after the first Monday in November), and I am glad that I went out and voted. Mind you, it was 5 minutes before the polls closed, but I made it. As you can probably guess, I voted FOR Referendum 1 in Sandy, and I’m glad to report to you that the referendum passed — but it was close.

Last night as election returns were coming in, it was a close race. Over 40% of registered voters came out to vote, which I think is unusually high, especially for a municipal election. With about half of precincts reporting, the margin was only about 100 votes on either side. The FOR side would pull ahead, and then a few minutes later, the AGAINST side would pull ahead.

Finally this morning we have the final results (which include the absentee ballots). With 10,758 (53.30%) voting FOR, and 9,427(46.70%) voting AGAINST, the referendum passes.

The community action group, Save Our Communities, that was campaigning against the zoning change has been very gracious in defeat, and I wanted to acknowledge their efforts and hard work. They campaigned hard for a cause they believed in, and did so with very little money–especially in comparison to the funding behind Friends of Quarry Bend. I respect them for working so hard for a cause they were committed to.

That said, I’m glad the referendum passed. I believe that in time we will see that the zoning change was good for Sandy residents. I’m happy that so many Sandy residents made it to the polls yesterday. I love to see democracy in action.

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