Bad interface design

I mentioned previously that we rented the movie Robots from Redbox a couple of nights ago and as soon as you put the DVD into the player, these previews come on. And they aren’t even really previews. They were more like a commercial for the studio that distributed the movie. What’s worse is the DVD won’t let you skip the commercial and get to the menu.

Can I tell you how much I hate it when the DVD has previews, capsule but won’t let you skip past them to the menu?

It’s not so much that I dislike previews. I mean, generic they give you a chance to make sure you have your pop corn and orange smoothie ready (staples at our house for movie watching), and you can adjust the sound so it is right, and you can find the comfortable place on the couch; but I digress…

No, previews are okay, if the manufacturers really insist on including them. But what I can’t stand is when they force us to watch the whole preview because they disable the menu and next chapter buttons on the remote.

One of the principle benefits (for me) of DVDs over VHS tapes is that on a DVD I can skip around to see what I want to see without having to find it on the tape. When DVD manufacturers block the menu function, they are essentially dragging us out of the DVD era and throwing us back into the VHS tape era of rewinding and fast forwarding.

Seriously people. If your previews are good, we’ll probably watch them. Once. But please don’t make us watch them every time. Enable the menu button during the previews. Please. Join us in the 21st century and let our DVDs work like we want them to!


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