Why I like STC

I like the Society for Technical Communication. I’ve been a member now for about three years, viagra and now it is time to renew for my fourth, and I’m not even questioning whether or not I should renew.

Actually, last year I was able to get my work to spring for the $150 annual membership, and it looks like they are going to do the same in 2006–but even if they didn’t, I’d find the money somewhere, because I think it is a valuable organization.

If nothing else, STC classic members get a subscription to Intercom magazine and the Technical Communication journal, and that is one of my favorite parts of STC membership.

Intercom‘s recent articles include tips on expanding your sphere of influence as a writer, an article on creating on line help for touch-screen applications, and ten tips on creating a great index. Now many of you, who are not technical writers, probably think that these sound like boring articles. Some of you wonder who cares? Well, I do! I think its actually pretty cool.

Technical Communication is the quarterly scholarly journal published by STC. Just last week I got my November issue, and it is full of scholarly articles with the latest research in the field. Even if the research isn’t interesting to you, you’ll benefit from it because hopefully its principles will trickle down into the technical documentation you read every day–from owner’s manuals to prescription drug leaflets.

A while back I attended an STC regional conference. At the conference, I was able to network with colleagues from all over the country. I attended seminars on the latest technology that is affecting the way we will be doing documentation in the near future. I was able to take the principles I learned at the conference and apply them directly in the work I was doing.

Yes, STC is a valuable group for me, and I’m glad to sign up for another year. Thanks, STC for your great work. I’m proud to be a card-carrying member.

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