New Site Feature: Subscribe

I’ve added a new feature to my blog. You can now subscribe to the blog and new posts will be e-mailed to you.

Registered readers also have the option to receive new messages in HTML or plain-text format; to receive the full-text of the post, information pills or just an excerpt; and to only receive posts that belong to certain categories.

Non-registered users only get posts in plain-text format, visit web and only get an excerpt of all new blog postings.

You can use the tool below to manage your subscription, or for more information you can click on the “Subscribe to Technically Speaking” link in the sidebar.


EDIT: (Jan 17, 2006) For some reason, when you use the following form to subscribe to the blog, multiple messages are being generated and sent to your address (something like 10 e-mails). I’m aware of the problem and I’m working with the developer to see if there isn’t a solution. Sorry about that. The subscription is working; you’ll just get 10 confirmation messages when you subscribe. We’ll get that worked out soon, I hope.

EDIT: (April 5, 2007) Using the subscription settings, you can choose to NOT subscribe to all posts from a given category (say you don’t want to receive e-mail updates to posts marked with the Weight Watchers category), you can un-check the box next to Weight Watchers in your subscription settings.

Subscription Tool

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