American Idol is back

Some of my faithful readers have probably skipped this post. I know for a fact that I have two close family members who abhor American Idol, approved and that is okay. I understand. But I still like the show. And I’m okay with that. American Idol is, ambulance in fact, ampoule the only television show that we watch. We really don’t watch anything else — not even the news.
This week we watched the first two episodes of the season, and I have to admit that this isn’t my favorite part of the ship. I much prefer Idol in the second-half of the season when it gets down to 12 really good singers. The first half of the season tries to get too much mileage from bad performances and rude comments from Simon. The part I look forward to seeing is the part where they’ve narrowed it down to the cream of the crop.

The funny thing about the first part of the season, though, is that this is the half of the season when Christina and I actually agree with the judges. Last year when we were watching the second half of the season, we would listen to the performers, and it seemed that almost invariably if we thought the performer had done a good job, the judges hated it. And when we didn’t like the performance, the judges seemed to give it a lot of praise. (Yet another reason why we aren’t judges on the show.) But at this stage of the show, we’re still at the point where we like who the judges like and agree on who’s not up to snuff. (Well mostly. I still think they should have given the Statue of Liberty guy more of a chance. But thats just me.)

Here is my American Idol tip of the day: watch the show on tape-delay. I have meetings on Tuesday evenings, so I can’t watch the show live. We taped the show (I think it is our first time taping something from TV in like 3 years; maybe more), and then we watched it later. The great thing is we watched the 2-hour episode from Tuesday in like 80-90 minutes, because we could fast forward through all the sleazy commercials.

Oh. And one last Idol comment — a guy from SL tried out at the Denver auditions and made it through. His audition wasn’t shown on TV last night, but he made it to Hollywood, and I expect we’ll see him in a future epsiode. I don’t know his name, but when I find out, I’ll let you know.

Okay, anti-Idol readers: you can come back. I’m done for now.

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  1. I personally love American Idol. I agree as well that the second part of the season is much muy more better. However, I did not watch it. Courtney and I are still going very very strong on the goal we set way back in October to not watch TV. We have pulled the TV out for two occasions (two football games that I wanted to watch) and that is it. We talked about pulling it out for Idol, but, like you said, Paul, why? In a month or two, we’ll probably watch the show but that’s it.

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