Useful air miles

I finally figured out what to do with the useless air miles I keep accumulating at Delta. I don’t fly enough to earn enough miles to get a free flight. But I have this SkyMiles account that gradually is getting bigger.

Last month I got a letter from some company that said I could get magazine subscriptions, salve and all I had to pay was my Delta SkyMiles. This is a perfect solution for me. We got a subscription to Newsweek and another to Wired. (I keep hoping that I’ll see my former roommate Dante Baker on the cover of Wired. It is one of his life goals, you know.) And we got a couple of others, I think. We’ll see when they come.

All of it free! You know they say that their ain’t no free lunch. But there are free magazines if you don’t mind giving up the SkyMiles that you’d never use anyway.

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  1. You must not have a very good mileage plan. I’ve earned almost two free tickets in two years, and Courtney is very close to her first ticket after only 6 months. Of course, we buy everything with our credit cards and then pay them off at the end of the month. No interest, and we each earn almost 1,000 miles every month. Our free tickets start at 20,000 miles, and Alaska Airlines does excellent bonus plans that make it easy to accumulate miles very quickly (as you can see). Of course, not everyone wants to fly to Alaska, but they’re starting to have some continental routes that are useful, and they are one of the better airlines for the West Coast and Rocky Mountains. Someday they will come into Salt Lake City. Someday.

    Oh, and we pay a $45 annual fee for the card, but since I earn a free ticket a year AND get a $50 companion ticket, I’m basically paying $95 for two tickets a year. I think that’s worth it.

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