I know that I ought to say “something” since it has been so long since I’ve blogged. I just haven’t felt like it since we got back from the funeral.

I will say that my new favorite quote comes from “Pride and Prejudice” (the novel). Here it is:

I have not the pleasure of understanding you. […] Of what are you talking?

I used this line on a co-worker yesterday. Then I had to explain where it was from. It would have been more fun if he had caught the reference. Oh well.

Lets see. We last left you on Valentines day with news of the new book club book. We’re going to have to put if off at least a week or so, visit because of the distractions of the last week. I’m still in the first 100 pages of the book.

Valentines day was followed by our three-year anniversary. I can hardly believe that three years have already come and gone. Next thing you know, medicine it will have been 10. We had a fun anniversary celebration. We went to Tony Romas for dinner, abortion and then spent the evening at home watching a movie. The next morning I took some time off work and we made breakfast together. We ended up making ebelskivers and hash browns and bacon. It was a yummy breakfast.

That breakfast happened on Thursday, the 16th of February. It was later in the day that we would learn of Heidi’s passing. Heidi had been taken to the hospital the evening before, as she was complaining of abdominal pain. She passed away about 12 hours later in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Doctors were stymied about the cause of her symptoms, and an autopsy was ordered. As of Monday (the 27th), the doctors had not been able to determine a cause of death. It must just have been her time to go.

I went through some of my pictures of Heidi, and I wanted to post one that I think she’d have liked. It is one I took of her the day we went boating on the Sacramento River. If I remember correctly, we took this picture when we went boating with Tad and Heidi the week before Jonathan left for the MTC in 2005.

Heidi Michele Urie (Sanders) at the helm

So we left for California on Thursday night. We were trying to avoid some storms that were predicted for Donner Pass (near the I-80 California/Nevada border), so leaving Thursday evening looked like our best bet. We drove as far as Reno, arriving at about 3:00 AM Mountain time.

We thought that the funeral would probably be on Monday, and we didn’t want to travel on Sunday, and the storm was supposed to be on Friday afternoon and Saturday, so Friday morning was our time to hit the pass. The extra days in Stockton, however, gave us some nice family time with Christina’s family. Its times like these that help us rally around the family, and we felt strength and comfort at being with family that weekend.

Monday was spent getting ready for a family gathering on Monday evening. Both Tad and Heidi come from large families. Tad is the youngest of eight kids, and Heidi was the oldest of six (I think), so there was a lot of family in town for the funeral. Since Phil and Peggy were the only in-town relatives, they prepared the food for the gathering. We met at Tad’s house and had a nice evening talking about Heidi and meeting her family.

The funeral on Tuesday was very nice, albeit sad. Before the funeral there was a family meeting where anybody who wanted could say something about Heidi. It was a nice tribute, and I loved listening to her brothers talk about stories of when she was young.

We drove home on Wednesday, and it was back to work on Thursday. I took one more day off on Monday (the 27th) to drive to St. George to attend the graveside burial service for Heidi. That was another nice day, and I’m glad we went down.

I am grateful for my faith in God, and for my faith in the resurrection, made possible by the atonement of Jesus Christ. I’m so happy to know that this life isn’t “it”–that there is more to come. We’ll see Heidi again, because she is sealed to our family. That knowledge gives us strength to keep going.

Now were on to March. Ever forward, ever onward.

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