Depressing news story

Just when you think the news can’t get any more depressing, advice it does. Case in point? Read on.

Yesterday I was on, and I watched a video news story about a guy who was paroled from prison in January so he could be tested to see if he was a match to be a kidney donor for his son. After the first round of testing (which did, indeed, show him to be an eligible match), he skipped out and took off with his girlfriend, leaving his son behind to die of kidney failure. Neither the guy, whose name isByron Keith Perkins, nor his girlfriend, have been seen for over a month.

Here is a news article I found in a Kentucky paper.

I guess CNN had aired the same story on it’s Airport Network news channel, because yesterday a couple in the Phoenix airport watched the story and contacted authorities, saying they saw Perkins and his girlfriend earlier this week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. (Read more about that here.)

I hope they catch the guy. I really do. If only I believed in vigilante justice….

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