Qué Rude!

It’s happened to you before, clinic and you hate it. You sit down on the crowded bus (or, in this case, train) on your way to school (or work or whatever), and the guy next to you sneezes, then snivels, then coughs. He’s very polite about it. He apologizes with that stuffed-up nasal voice, and you think “Please don’t breathe in my direction.”

Then you think to yourself, “Why is this guy even going to work (or school or whatever) today? Shouldn’t he stay home sick so that the rest of us don’t have to get sick from him? How rude is that?”

He sneezes again. You bless him.

Then again you think, “I hope he doesn’t breathe on me. Why was this the only available seat?!”

Well, I have a confession to make. Today I was the sick guy. I apologize to everybody who was on the train going to whatever (or school or work).

Some days you just can’t stay home now matter how much you want to.

Don’t worry. I’ll try hard not to breathe on you. Excuse me while I sneeze again.

One response to “Qué Rude!”

  1. Great post. You had me there really feeling bad for your unfortunate situation having to sit by a walking disease, and when you said that guy was you I got a nice literary kick out of it.

    Oh, and hope you feel better soon.

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