“You have the falsche Nummer”

As you probably know, more about we moved from Spanish Fork about a year and a half ago. While we were still living there, we had a friend from Germany who came to visit. I’ll call her “L” for two reasons. First, it protects her privacy. The second (and more truthful) reason: I can’t spell her name.

L’s family was very close to Christina while she lived there. Christina spent a lot of time with L’s family since there were kids her age who were members of the same church, etc.

Anyway, now L’s parents are coming to the USA to visit, and they are planning on spending a weekend at our house. Trouble is, they didn’t know we’d moved to Midvale. All their contact information for us was at our Spanish Fork address. They had our SF phone number, and our mobile number from our Utah County days.

When planning their visit, I guess they called our old number and, in German, asked for Christina. Funny enough, the number’s new owner speaks fluent German, but had no idea who we were. It was probably pretty funny for both groups. For L’s parents, it was probably weird that they randomly lucked out and found a German speaker answering our old number. For the guy who has our old number, it was probably weird to have some random person from Germany calling and talking to you in German.

Luckily enough, Christina’s BYU email still works, and they were able to find us using that address.

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