It IS in the manual

The other day I got an e-mail from a developer who was writing about what he considered to be an under-exposed feature in the software that we develop. After explaining the feature, link he finished with the following quote:

“[M]y sense is that we don’t advertise/capitalize on this.

“If we do already, more about dismiss this as coming from someone who doesn’t read [name of product] docs … “

I wanted to respond: “Yes it is in the manual already, sales and why aren’t you reading the documentation? You would waste less of your time trying to figure out the features (and then trying to broadcast them to the rest of the development group) if you would read the documentation first!”

Instead, I said, “Thank you for your comments. Information on this feature can be found on page [x] of the [guide name].”

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  1. Ah… the joys of technical writing. I’ve done that four times over the last week with one of my managers. Kind of frustrating really.

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