New portfolio

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new portfolio website, there located at

In creating this new design, this site I used WordPress for the underlying functionality of the site. That gives me a lot more flexibility when I want to add or edit content. The previous version was static HTML that I designed, drug but was rather difficult to update.

You’ll notice that the WordPress theme used for the portfolio is similar in structure to the theme for this blog. That’s because they are both based off of Trevor Riehl’s Urban Sprawl blog. Back when I modified the theme for this blog, I contacted Trevor, and he sent me the files he had used for his theme. Then he gave me a lot of help in setting it up. I guess I learned, because I was able to set up my portfolio and customize it with out any help.

So, check out my portfolio site and get back to me to tell me what you think. I’m not using it as a blog per-se, despite using blogging software as the back end. I’m not allowing comments or pingbacks, and I’m not storing the information chronologically. In any case, if you want to comment on the design, or if you see an error that should be corrected, do me a favor and drop a line as a comment to this thread, or go ahead and use the Contact Me link on the portfolio site.

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