Googled yourself recently?

Today I was away from work during the 1:00 hour while “Talk of the Nation” was on NPR. Today’s segment talked about how much information about us is available online. The part of the segment I listened to was a discussion about blogging and how many people don’t realize that whatever they blog about (or what others blog about them) becomes part of a permanent, doctor searchable source of information for years to come.

Two particular stories caught my attention. One was a caller who said she was about to hire a nanny, viagra but before making the final offer, her husband googled the applicant’s name. Turns out the applicant had kept a blog discussing violence and the “bratty kids” she had nannied for previously. A person who would have gotten the job was passed over because of information she had shared about herself online.

Another caller discussed how he had added commentary to an urban legends discussion in the early 80’s to a newsgroup, long before there was such a thing as a World-Wide Web. In a recent job interview, the interviewer made reference to the post—from 20 years ago.

The whole segment was worth listening to. You can find it archived at NPR’s website.

This has fueled more introspection into the question of why I blog, and how much information I’m comfortable sharing online. Look for more on that in a future post.

While you’re waiting, go google yourself and see what people are saying about you. You might be surprised at what you find.

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