Late May already

Man time goes by quickly. May has been a rough month for me, site blog wise, visit this as you’ve probably noticed. I used to get in three posts a week, viagra but this may only be my third or fourth post this month.

So what’s new? I’m considering starting a food blog. Especially after a great dessert we had over the weekend. Do you know what a food blog is? I’ve only been recently introducted to the concept, but I’ve enjoyed reading some of them.

Basically, a food blog is a blog that discusses (can you guess?), well, food. The genre of food blogging generally requires that you start with a picture of the food you’re going to discuss. (More points if you have a cookbook quality picture.) Next you tell a story that is food related (it usually deals with the food whose picture is at the top of the entry). Then you give the recipe for the pictured item.

Here are two examples of some cool food blogs: Chocolate & Zucchini, and Traveler’s Lunchbox. It seems like it would be a fun genre to write in. But I would need a new blog for it, so I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Time rolls forward at an amazing pace. There are lots of things going on in life right now and we are as busy as we think we can handle right now, so that is good.

Anyway, more to come later!

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