Welcome to the world of high-speed Internet

A couple of months ago I reported on Clearwire, recipe a company that provides broadband internet over a cellular-phone type connection. While we were in California for Christmas, diagnosis we set up my in-laws with the Clearwire’s service, and after we returned home, we decided that we wanted to see what was available in our area.

Clearwire isn’t available in our area.  I did some research and found out that while not wi-Max, a company called TheBlueZone provides wireless internet in our area for a great price. We signed up for service, and they sent out a tech to install the radio antenna.

The tech, upon arrival, told us that he couldn’t get a clear signal, and that the trees would make it even worse later in the season. He would like to help, he said, but there simply wasn’t good line of sight to the nearest tower. (Figures. My cell phone barely works at our house, and Christina’s phone doesn’t work at all.) I like TheBlueZone’s prices, and I’d go with them, if only I could get a signal. Oh well.

As we continued considering our high-speed quest, we ended up signing up for DSL service, but not from Qwest. We found a company called Barg.net (now Avvanta.com). They provide the same DSL service as Qwest, without the higher price Qwest charges. With Avvanta, you pay Qwest for the DSL line (about $15 per month), and pay Avvanta for the DSL service (about $10 per month). Its more expensive than TheBlueZone, but we decided to do it anyway.

I thought I’d save money on the modem and router, so I bought a Qwest DSL modem and a Linksys router on eBay. The modem arrived, then the router arrived, and then the service got set up. However, unluckily enough, the modem was specific to Qwest’s MSN service, so it wouldn’t work with Avvanta’s service. Avvanta told me I could either buy the modem at Best Buy or from Qwest. The modems were the same price, however the one from Qwest had built-in wireless. I was in a hurry, so I decided to get my modem from Best Buy, thinking I could use the wireless router I bought from eBay.

Guess what? It didn’t work.

It turns out that the modem had a built-in router, and the wireless router I bought was, as its name suggests, a router. Apparently you can’t have two routers. They don’t play well together (something about them both being alpha-males or something, I’m not really sure), so I ended up taking the modem back to Best Buy and buying the wireless version from Qwest for the same amount.

Finally, to end the saga, I resold the eBay-purchased router and modem on eBay for more money than I bought them for. Oh the irony.

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  1. So how do you like the service? I’ve been thinking about going with Avvanta.com and would appreciate your impressions.

  2. Hi Dan; Thanks for your comment.

    I love Avvanta. In the six months I’ve been with them, I’ve never had a service outage. I’ve contacted them once, to change my service address when I moved, and that is the only contact I’ve had with them. The service has just worked. Billing has always been acurate. Quite simply, it just works like it is supposed to without drawing any attention to itself. And isn’t that what you really want from your ISP?

    I highly recommend Avvanta. I hope your experience is as hasstle-free as mine has been. 🙂

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