Did I mention…

I realized that in all the goings on of the last few weeks I totally forgot to mention that we are buying a house. A condo, for sale actually. But we’re really excited.

You may remember that we set up our neighbor Mara with Christina’s uncle Tad, hospital and that they are getting married. And Mara is moving to California, so we are buying her condo. We’re already approved on the mortgage, and the condo has been appraised. Now we just have to wait for closing on the 19th of July.

The only down side to moving is, well, the moving. Our mortgage officer, Kristen (whom I highly recommend), gave us five boxes that we could use to start our move. I looked at the boxes, and thought “what are these for?” Then I realized, “Oh. We actually have to go through that process of moving all our belongings from one loation to another, three blocks away.”

Right! Buying a house means we actually have to move. This realization didn’t come until after we were under contract.

We’re gonna need a lot of boxes. Anybody wanna help? I’ll mention you on my blog…

One response to “Did I mention…”

  1. So… you’ll mention us if we help you move….


    I seem to remember the last time I helped you move. There were books. There were roughly 4.2 bagillion books.

    How about we have a bonfire, then move.


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