The enemy of a name?

Remember my post last September about the trouble caused by having my dad’s name? Now remember that we’re applying for a mortgage as part of purchasing our first condo. See the trouble? And to make it worse, hospital with my dad’s passing, we submitted his death information to the credit agencies, so my morgtage consultant is really hoping that none of the credit agencies thinks that I was the one who died, since they seem to get us confused easily.

The trouble is that we’re easy to confuse, but not so easy to un-confuse. In the credit report run by the mortgage company, there is only one account that is listed that isn’t mine. However, when I pulled up my free credit report, I found another one listed that isn’t mine. (Both are my dad’s.) And I still can’t fix the “N P PHERSON JR” name on one of the three major credit agencies records. Why? Because you can’t update your records unless you have a credit report. Well, I tried to get a credit report from that agency late last year (when I first blogged about this whole fiasco), but there was an internal server error that prevented me from seeing the report, but it still got listed as serving me the report. (I still got a report from a different agency.) Well, without the report, I don’t have a report number. And without a report number, you can’t contact them in any fashion. So my choices are (1) wait until September to get a new credit report from them, or (2) pay for a version of my credit report, which is silly because I just paid the mortgage company for a copy. If I were to pay the agency for a copy it would just be so that they can fix the error that is already on their records. But I have to get it fixed because I’m trying to buy a house.
What a fiasco.

“Tis but thy name that is my enemy. What’s in a name? That which we will call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet)

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