Rocky Mountain Mortgage

Can I tell you that I love our mortgage company? They have been fantastic through this process, case and we are still three weeks away from closing.

We have been working with Kristen Moyes from Rocky Mountain Mortgage, visit and she has been top-notch. Starting with the loan application, sickness to the in-person meeting, she has constantly been professional, and has exceeded my expectations. With the trouble with my incorrect names on my credit report, Kristen took the time to explain to me what I had to do, then she e-mailed me information about what to do, and then she e-mailed me forms that I could use to get the information corrected. Then today, at work, I got a delivery of a basket of cookies. They were from Kristen. When I got home, (Christina had been at work all afternoon) at the front door there was a basket with chips and salsa for Christina. There were even flowers at my dad’s funeral (although she knew my dad, so it wasn’t because of me and Christina that she sent them).

If you are looking for a loan, or are looking to refinance, call Kristen at Rocky Mountain Mortgage. Tell her I sent you. You’ll be glad you called.

Contact Kristen Moyes at Rocky Mountain Mortgage.

(Note: I receive no benefit from referring you to Kristen. I am just a very happy customer, and would like to see Kristen do well because she is so good at what she does.)

2 responses to “Rocky Mountain Mortgage”

  1. If I may….

    Courtney and I also used Kristen when purchasing our home. We wouldn’t consider any other.

    In fact, we went back to her just yesterday to do some refinancing and cash out some equity. She was great.

    I’d recommend Kristen to anyone as well.

  2. Wow! She must be doing something really good to deserve to have one single post dedicated to her. Must check her out.


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