Second Thoughts?

Am I totally and completely crazy? Have I lost all connection with reality?!?!

I quit my job yesterday!

It is starting to feel real. I was sent an exit survey from the corporation where I work, abortion and the IT department sent me an e-mail notifying me of the procedures they are going through to remove my access from the network.

I really quit my job yesterday.

I’m leaving a position of safety and security and relative ease for a position of responsibility, hospital more work, and less security. And what sounds even crazier to me right now is that I’m excited about it!

I really am. I think this new company presents me with a lot of really cool opportunities. I’ll be the lone writer in the entire company, and I’ll be responsible for all documentation from conception through delivery. I’ll get to hone my existing skills and develop some new ones. The company is a cool start-up-like company and has that start-up feel. They create software used for textual analysis of free-form text—a subject that I find fascinating. I like my manager, and liked all the people I met today when I turned in my acceptance letter.

Now I’m waffling between wondering if I can wait three weeks to start and freaking out because in three weeks my world is getting turned upside down, by my own choice!

No really, I’m excited about the opportunity, and am really looking forward to this new job. I have that nervous, excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. But everything is cool. This is the right thing for me right now. It is a good move personally. It is a great move professionally. It will be good for our family, and it is going to be a lot of fun.

So why am I so nervous?

Three weeks!!

And no, I’m not crazy. Not yet at least. Ask me in two and a half weeks. 😉

One response to “Second Thoughts?”

  1. Paul,

    As a lone writer in a similar company, I will never be able to go back to a team-writing style of tech writing. Lone writer is just so much fun. It changes every day and with the responsibility comes the respect and trust of coworkers. It’s awesome.

    Even better, you get to make the decisions that need to be made the way you want to make them. You choose your tools as well. If your company is anything like mine, you also basically self-manage. Yes, I report upline, but I’m basically on my own to figure out projects and determine priorities.

    It is a total fulfillment of my professional dreams as far as what I do goes. I can always think of other professional dreams I’d like to have (company car, corporate jet, box seats at the Delta Center, corner office with a window, an even bigger computer monitor and no, my current 24″ isn’t big enough).


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