John Anthony Spataro


Blog Author’s note: Today I take this opportunity to remember one of the victims of the terrorist attacks of five years ago. This tribute is part of the 2996 Tribute Project. The information for this tribute was compiled from a variety of on-line sources.

While I never knew John, order I’m proud to remember him as part of this memorial project on the fifth anniversary of the attacks that took his life. –Paul Pehrson, no rx September 2006



John Anthony Spataro


John Spataro loved his country. He believed in the political process, order and was vocal in his patriotism, including convincing his wife to vote in local and national elections. What John didn’t know, however, was that he would be asked to die for the country that he loved.

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, John went to work like any other day. He was an assistant vice president in the working capital group for Marsh USA, Inc, and worked on the 98th floor of tower one of the World Trade Center. At 08:46:30, American Airlines flight 11, hijacked by terrorists, crashed into tower one, somewhere between the 93rd and the 99th floors. John probably died instantly, never knowing what it was that killed him. Or why.

John loved his family. He was a good husband, son, brother, and godfather. Every morning when he got to work, he’d call his mom on the phone. He would tease her a bit, but it was his way of showing her that he loved her. His favorite weekend activity was spending quality time with his beautiful wife, Trish. He loved his nephew, Nicholas who was also his godson. John didn’t naturally gravitate towards kids, but his wife said the baby brought out a different side of him. “To see him outwardly show how much he loved this kid was just amazing,” she said.

He was hard to get to know, as he was a quiet, reserved person. He preferred being with his close friends and family. But “once you got to know him”, his wife remembered, “he was just the best. He would do anything for you.”

His parents, Giovanni and Domenica Spataro, did their best to give John a good foundation for a good life. John was working with his brother Rob, planning a business venture they wanted to start together. He worked with his brother Anthony to help inspire him to get a good job and do something productive with his life. John wanted to make life better for himself and all his family.

Among those America lost on that fateful day was John Anthony Spataro. Trish lost her husband and best friend, and will never be the same. Giovanni and Domenica lost a son. Nicholas lost his uncle and godfather. Rob and Anthony, their brother. Marsh & McLennan lost a valued assistant VP. And America lost a patriot.

To the Spataro family, along with the rest of America, and freedom-loving people everywhere, I express sorrow for your loss. We grieve with you still. To John, we thank you for your sacrifice. And united we pledge: we will never forget you.

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