Super what?

This coming week is the 2007 Super Bowl, more about or so I’m told. I didn’t even know who was playing before today. However, cialis 40mg I went to and took a quiz to see who I should root for in the upcoming game.

Turns out that if I were to care, I should cheer for the Colts. That’s what I would have picked anyway (high school mascot).

Now I guess I’ll go work on caring.

Or maybe not.

2 responses to “Super what?”

  1. I’m glad to know that there are others out there who are not necessarily interested in the Super Bowl. I am a big fan of college football, but don’t necessarily care to watch a bunch of overweight guys muscle it around on a field for a million bucks each.

    On a funny note, Courtney and I started an annual tradition of holding an Anti-Super Bowl Sunday dinner and games on Super Bowl Sunday. We are so unaware of what is happening that we held our Anti-Super Bowl dinner last Sunday. It wasn’t until the dinner that one of our guests mentioned that Super Bowl Sunday was this coming week.

    Oh well. Since it is the first year of what hopefully will become an annual tradition, we’ll have two days to practice and get it right.

  2. So, I tried taking the quiz, but it never gave me a final answer about who I should root for. It just kept flashing a bunch of football-related pictures at me, making me wonder if I was going to go into seizures soon.

    And I love that Dave and Courtney are starting to do Anti-Super Bowl Sunday. I especially liked the part where they held it on the wrong week. LOL!


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