UK withdrawal from Iraq

I don’t wax political often on this blog, see but when I heard this morning that the United Kingdom is preparing to withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2007, approved I asked myself the following question:

Does this have anything to do with Prince Harry’s planned deployment to the region? Or is it simply a political move to allow Tony Blair to bow out on a high note with the UK citizens?

Probably a bit of both, don’t you think?

[Going back to minding my own business and not commenting on politics…]

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  1. Well, I personally think that he’s trying to show that he is independent of the US– maybe he’s worried that the US’s bad attitude about the war will start catching on over there, and he wants to be able to prove that he tried.

    When does he go out of office?

    I wouldn’t blame him for leaving soon. With the world in the state that it is.

  2. “Start catching on”? It’s already caught on over there. Pretty much all of my UK contacts are annoyed about their country’s presence in Iraq, don’t see the point, etc. This National Post article, for example, points out that Blair’s support of the Iraq war has damaged his political career already.

    As for why Blair is doing this now, Mark Steyn points out the logic of Australian PM John Howard’s response — essentially, that things are significantly better in Shia, where the British troops have been, so it would make sense for them to start withdrawing from that territory now.

    And, about Blair’s end of term … well, there isn’t a set one for the British PM — see this Wikipedia entry for an explanation — although the above-cited National Post article states that some are calling for Blair to resign by May of this year. Terms of office in the House of Commons are 5 years long, and Blair became PM in 1997, so that would be just the right timing … unless he’s expecting to go for a third term, which many people don’t think he can (due to lagging support from his Labour Party in the House of Commons).

    And, last item, I swear — just for a bit of trivia, in connection with Prince Harry’s planned deployment (which I expect will still happen, even with the decrease in British troops that’s beginning). I learned the other day that Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is the only female member of the British royal household to ever serve active military duty. She served in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II. You can read about that in her Wikipedia article, though I learned it from Michael Anthony on his podcast, British History 101. OK, I’m done now. 🙂

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