A work in progress

This blog is always a work in progress. I frequently make minor tweaks that affect small usability features, information pills and occasionally, pills I make more visible changes.

Today you can see the result of my most recent redesign of my blog. Structurally it’s pretty similar to the previous layout; this time around, troche I widened the body of the blog a bit; I didn’t love how narrow the column was, so I tried making the whole thing a bit wider. As part of that, I picked a new background color and a new blog header image.

I’ve also tracked down a bug in the sidebar that has been driving me crazy for months; I couldn’t get my links sections to appear properly; that has been fixed.

I’ve also implemented a new rotating profile image. There are currently four different profile images; one is randomly selected when the page is loaded; if you want to see a different profile image, just refresh the page. (The profile image is at the top of the sidebar.)

There have been a couple of other tweaks and changes. I want to publicly note that the header image, as noted in the new copyright statement is derived from a work licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. Therefore, the header image is also released under the same license. That header image is the only image that is an exception to the site’s copyright policy; all other images and all other content on the site is protected by copyright.

I hope you like the changes. Let me know what you think, either in the comments, or by sending me a message.

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  1. Love the profile images (all four — yes, I refreshed it that many times), love the header image, love the titling font, love the background. Basically, I love your whole blog redesign! Well done.

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